Encyclopaedia of AFVs of WWII

Volume 1: Tanks

Jean Restayn

Date Published :
February 2008
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
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ISBN : 9782915239478
Pages : 128
Dimensions : 12.5 X 9.25 inches
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Ten years ago, Histoire & Collections published a book entitled Tanks of World War Two, which contained hundreds of color profiles and 3/4 views by Jean Restayn. This book was a great success but has been sold out for too long. So the time has come to publish a completely renewed version, with many additions.

In this volume the proper tanks, battle tanks and light tanks, of every nation, which were involved in the various campaigns of WWII, from Poland to Berlin and from Libya to Normandy, from the earliest Panzer I to the latest British Cruiser tank, are represented in full color.

Two additional volumes are scheduled in this Encyclopedia: Volume Two will be devoted to tank destroyers, self-propelled artillery and special purpose AFVs, while Volume Three will include the various types of wheeled armored cars and miscellaneous armored vehicles.


"High quality collection of color plates spanning multiple countries, theaters, and campaigns… this book will come in handy for many modelers.”

- Armorama, March 2008

"…gathers together more than 500 color drawings, profiles, and three-quarter views, composing a vast compilation of Jean Restayn's work… beautiful…highly recommended…a great source for alternate markings to put on models of these tanks… rapidly becoming one of my favorites…”

- cybermodeler, June 2008

"…an incredibly diverse collection that will provide the inspiration for many… well worth having.”

- Internet Modeler, May 2008

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