Fall of New France

How the French Lost a North American Empire

Ronald Dale

Date Published :
August 2004
Publisher :
Formac Publishing Ltd.
Illustration :
120 color illustrations
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ISBN : 9781550288407
Pages : 96
Dimensions : 9.25 X 8.25 inches
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Two great empires collided in North America in the 1750s when France and Great Britain (with the eager support of Britain's American colonies) contested control of the Ohio Valley and Nova Scotia. It set the stage for a bilingual Canada with an English majority, for the emergence of the independent United States, and for the long decline in influence and power of aboriginal nations.

In this handsome book extensively illustrated with paintings, sketches, and color photographs of important sites and artifacts relating to the war, historian Ron Dale offers a narrative encompassing all sides of the conflict and important sites and fortifications. Key to his narrative are Acadia, Louisbourg, Quebec, Montreal, and military forts such as Fort George and Fort Niagara.

Reflecting the extensive recent work of historians in Canada and the U.S. who have learned much about the conflict and the combatants, this book demonstrates that the history of North America is far more interesting than it ever seemed to be in school.

RON DALE is a historian and the Superintendent of Niagara National Historic Sites, including Fort George and Brock's Monument. He is also the author of The Invasion of Canada: Battles of the War of 1812.

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