First Year of World War II, 1919

The Year They Began Making Plans to Come Back at Us

Richard Osborne

Date Published :
January 2008
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ISBN : 9780962832482
Pages : 256
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'The First Year of World War II, 1919', puts forward the idea that the events of 1919 were so significant that they in fact saw the beginning of World War Two, such a short while after the end of the First World War. This book explores the events that took place and discusses their impact.

Key events such as Hitler and Mussolini entering politics, the Bolsheviks beginning to win the Russian Civil War and so Stalin gaining power and of course the effect of the severe Treaty of Versailles on an already damaged Germany are covered in detail.

But it was not only Europe that saw changes. America entered isolation and prohibition and Japan became a major threat in the far east. All these events undoubtedly had an effect on the war and in turn on the world, but were they the start of the war?

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