Flying from Malone

Belfast's First Civil Aerodrome

Guy Warner

Date Published :
October 2015
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highly illustrated
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ISBN : 9781780730073
Pages : 64
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The 1920s were to flying what the 1960s were to space exploration - an age of adventure, excitement and of crossing new frontiers. And for a short time in the mid-1920s, Belfast was at the forefront of the advancement of civil air transport in the British Isles, with the development of Malone aerodrome, the UK's first municipal airfield. This new, updated Flying from Malone captures the spirit of that time and tells a remarkable story - of how Belfast blazed a trail in the development of civil aviation that many were to follow. As aviation historian Guy Warner points out: "The courage of those early pioneers and any intrepid passengers should not be underestimated. Northern Airlines made over 100 scheduled flights to and from Northern Ireland, it was an enterprise that deserved greater government support at the time and is worthy of remembrance as having played a part in paving the way for the world in which we now live and travel by air to all parts of the globe."

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