German 7,5 cm Anti-tank Gun PaK 40

Jan Wijnstok

Date Published :
May 2013
Publisher :
Model Centrum Progres
Series :
Armor PhotoGallery
Illustration :
182 color photos, 31 b/w photos, 74 line drawings
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9788360672044
Pages : 72
Dimensions : 11.5 X 8 inches
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Technical/historical background illustrated with b/w period photos and a selection of detailed walk around photographs highlighting technical details of the Pak 40 - the most numerous and widely used anti-tank gun in the Wehrmacht inventory during World War II. Includes 182 full color photos of the two museum pieces preserved at the Panzermuseum Munster, Germany and the Dutch Army Museum, Maaldrift, the Netherlands, and the two city monuments at Valkenburg and Zandoerle in the Netherlands; 31 b/w period photos showing several camouflage and crew uniforms options; 10 pp. super-detailed 1/24th, 1/35th & 1/48th scale drawings of PaK 40 & variants, 2 pp 1/7.5th scale drawings of the ammunition, 3 pp scale drawings of the PaK 40 self-propelled mountings.

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