Halifax Citadel

Portrait of a Military Fortress

Brian Cuthbertson

Date Published :
March 2003
Publisher :
Formac Publishing Ltd.
Contributor(s) :
Julian Beveridge
Illustration :
ib/w and color photos throughout
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ISBN : 9780887805172
Pages : 72
Dimensions : 9 X 8.25 inches
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The Halifax Citadel is one of Canada's most famous landmarks. Every year thousands visit the star-shaped fortress, watch the traditional firing of the noon-day gun and roam the ramparts and the fortified buildings where British soldiers were once garrisoned. They watch the re-enactment of military exercises by men and women in authentic 19th-century military uniforms, and enjoy the music of the pipe band in the Parade. This book offers background on the Citadel and its history. It explores the lives of soldiers and their wives stationed in Hailfax in the 19th century.

BRIAN CUTHBERTSON is a leading historian of Nova Scotia. He has worked as an archivist for the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, is the former published and editor of the Nova Scotia Historical Review and is the former Head of Heritage for Nova Scotia. He has been writing on Nova Scotia history since he first published a biography in 1978 of Richard John Uniacke, entitled The Old Attorney General. Since his retirement in 1995 he has devoted much of his time to research and writing, and is the author of several books on Nova Scotia history, including illustrated histories of the towns of Lunenburg and Wolfville, John Cabot and the Voyage of the Matthew, Johnny Bluenose at the Polls: Epic Nova Scotian Election Battles 1758-1848, and The Halifax Citadel: Portrait of a Military Fortress.

JULIAN BEVERIDGE is an award-winning photographer based in Halifax.

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