Hannibal's Road

The Second Punic War in Italy 213-203 BC

Mike Roberts

* Unprecedented focus on Hannibal's neglected campaigns in southern Italy from 213 to 203 BC BC

* Fascinating campaigns involving one of the greatest tacticians that ever lived

* How did Hannibal sustain the war in Rome's back yard with little support and dwindling resources against veteran Roman armies?

* What was Hannibal actually trying to a
Date Published :
October 2017
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Pen and Sword
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20 illustrations
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ISBN : 9781473855953
Pages : 288
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Many books have been written on the Second Punic War and Hannibal in particular but few give much space to his campaigns in the years from 213 – 203 BC’. Most studies concentrate on Hannibal’s series of stunning victories in the early stages of the war, culminating at Cannae in 216 BC, then refocus on the activities of his nemesis, Scipio Africanus, in Spain until the two meet in the final showdown at Zama. But this has led to the neglect of some of the Carthaginian genius’ most remarkable campaigns.

By 212 the wider war was definitely going against the Carthaginians. Yet Hannibal, despite being massively outnumbered and with little support from home, was able to sustain his polyglot army and campaign actively across southern Italy for another ten years. His skillful maneuvering and victory in numerous engagements kept several veteran armies of the normally aggressive Romans tied up and on the defensive, until Scipio’s invasion of North Africa pulled him home to defend Carthage. Mike Roberts follows the course of these remarkable events in detail, analyzing Hannibal’s strategy and aims in this phase of the war and revealing a genius that had lost none of its luster in adversity.

About The Author

Mike Roberts is a social worker by training but has had a long-standing interest in the military history of the Classical world. He is the co-author (with his good friend Bob Bennett) of several well-received books: The Wars of Alexander’s Successors (volumes I and II); The Twilight of the Hellenistic World and The Spartan Supremacy. He lives in Dudley.


“Mr. Roberts cuts through all of the cobwebs and untruths to give us what really happened during all those years… The book casts a piercing light into a time that is shaded in much shadow. I have read some of the author's earlier works and they, along with this book, makes me hope for many more.”

- A Wargamers Needful Things

“…an intriguing study focusing on how the Carthaginian commander defied all odds and occupied the Romans’ backyard for so long… A few black-and-white photographs of landmarks and maps illustrate this 262-page, hardcover book’s well written narrative analyzing the often overlooked longest phase of the war. Roberts’ ac-count underscores and how Hannibal proved to be a resourceful and remark-able strategic and tactical genius.”

- Toy Solder & Model Figure

“This is an important read for anyone interested in the Punic Wars, Roman history, or generalship.”

- The NYMAS Review, Winter 2018

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