Operation Torch

The Invasion of French North Africa, November to December 1942

Date Published :
February 2013
Publisher :
Airfile Publications
Contributor(s) :
Neil Robinson, Peter Scott
Series :
Camouflage and Markings
Illustration :
130 illustrations and 35 photographs
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ISBN : 9780956980250
Pages : 76
Dimensions : 11.5 X 8.25 inches
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The Harrier is amongst the most recognized and loved postwar British-designed military aircraft ever produced, and this book, the first of two volumes dealing with the type, covers the color schemes and markings applied to the design from the prototype and development P.1127/Kestrel airframes of the early 1960s and in to its service use with the RAF as the GR.1/GR.3 and T.2/T.4, the Fleet Air Arm as the Sea Harrier FRS.1 and the upgraded F/A.2, US Marine Corps AV-8A, Spanish Navy ‘Matador’, Indian Navy FRS.51 and Thai Navy navalized Harriers. Coverage of the original ‘tin wing’ versions is taken right up to 2000 with hundreds of full color profiles and 4-views, with detailed and informative captions.

About The Author

Neil Robinson is a respected aviation historian and author, who has worked on a number of related projects over the years. He is the author of RAF Trainers – 1918-1945: Camouflage and Markings (Airlife Publications, 2012), and Air War Over the Falklands (Airlife Publications, 2012). Martin Derry has also worked extensively in the field of aviation publishing. He is the the author of British Military Aviation: 1960s in Colour (Dalrymple and Verdun Publishing, 2007) and Hornet and Sea Hornet: De Havilland's Ultimate Piston-engined Fighter (Dalrymple and Verdun Publishing, 2010). Together, they are the authors of previous Flight Craft releases Avro Lancaster 1945-1964, Avro Shackleton and Hawker Hurricane and Sea Hurricane.

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