The Nazi Culture of Death

Paul Garson

What forces contrived to motivate the "Supermen” of the Third Reich? They would be carefully, relentlessly molded into that which the world famous German writer of the day, Thomas Mann, would describe as "machinists of death” motivated by a "terrible obedience.” Here their story is told via the photos they took at home and on the battlefront.
Date Published :
February 2021
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
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533 black and white
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781781557570
Pages : 448
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Heldentod – The Nazi Culture of Death graphically focuses on the Third Reich’s conception and promotion of the “Hero’s Death” as it fostered and then fueled a cataclysm of apocalyptic carnage and destruction. This underlying driving force, ultimately self-destructive, is shown infusing both State sponsored propaganda and echoed by the personal battlefield images captured by its soldiers' personal cameras. In so doing it confronts the matter of subject vs. observer and their intimate connection. The original, often one-of-a-kind and never before seen photos also serve as a searing documentation of man’s inhumanity to man and a stark warning to future generations.

About The Author

Paul Garson with some 30 years as a journalist, author, and photographer lives in Los Angeles. In addition to serving as editor of several national publications, and as a university instructor, travels have taken him to over 20 countries including Germany, Russia and Japan. Previous books have also focused on the World Wars, his features also appearing in the leading military magazines. His personal archives include over 3,000 original photos, documents, illustrations and artefacts. Also an avid motorcyclist, he has traveled coast to coast.


Introduction; Part I: Molding the War Makers: From Cradle to the Grave: 1 WWI—Seeds of a Future War Sown and Transitions; 2 Kinder—The Iron Forge of Hitler Youth; 3 Gott Mit Uns—An Ambivalent Faith and a Twisted Cross; 4 War Games and Deadly Diversions; 5 Heroes of the Third Reich and Lethal Leadership; 6 On the Path to Heldentod—The Wounded and Wound Healers; 7 Graves, Grave Markers and Grave Makers; 8 Microcosms of Mayhem—Deathcards Chronicle the War; 9 Gotterdammerung—The Funeral Pyres of the Third Reich; Part II: Victims of the Third Reich—A Miracle of Evil: 1 Poland—Murderous Intent; 2 France—The Six Weeks War and a Divided Country; 3 The East—War of Annihilation; 4 The Great Patriotic War; 5 The War within a War; 6 Final Words from the Third Reich; 7 Post-scripts—Aftermath, Justice Delayed and Retribution; 8 The Day the Last Nazi Died.

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