Hell Island

Canadian Pilots and the 1942 Air Battle for Malta

Dan McCaffery

Popular military historian Dan McCaffery has written a lively new account of one of the most exciting victories of the war.
Date Published :
January 1998
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781550286250
Pages : 224
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/>1. Storm Clouds Gather

/>2. Malta Battens Down the Hatches

/>3. The March Blitz

/>4. The Most Bombed Place on Earth

/>5. Disease and Famine Hit Malta Hard

/>6. The Lost Convoy

/>7. The Bloodiest Month

/>8. The Santa Maria Convoy

/>9. Malta's Unsung Heroes

/>10. The October Blitz



/>Aircraft Glossary and Ace Lists


/> George Beurling's Victory Log

/>Chronology of Events




About The Author

DAN McCAFFERY is one of Canada's most successful military aviation history writers. He was born in Sarnia, Ontario, where he graduated from the Journalism Program at Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology. He previously worked for the Sarnia Gazette and now works at the Sarnia Observer where he is the assignment editor. He has won three Canadian News Awards, two Ontario News Awards, and a Western Ontario News Award. He lives in Sarnia.

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