Hitler's Miracle Weapons: Secret Nuclear Weapons of the Third Reich and their Carrier Systems

Volume 1: Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine

Friedrich Georg

Date Published :
October 2006
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
16 pages color plates, arox 30 b/w photos
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How close did Hitler come to his dream of developing nuclear weapons? What evidence is there for the design, testing and production of such weapons, and their carrier systems? With this first volume in a series of at least three, Friedrich Georg has begun to answer these questions in great detail. The result is a groundbreaking new book on this topic.

This first volume describes the efforts of the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine to design and produce carrier-systems for the nuclear weapons the scientists of the Third Reich were developing. Following an introductory section in which the author outlines the Nazi atom bomb programme, Georg then investigates the enormous variety of craft the Luftwaffe began to either adapt, or develop anew, that would be used to carry such weapons of mass destruction. These included the search for an intercontinental 'Amerikabomber', including the innovative Horten Ho XVIII. Lighter designs, such as the Arado Ar E 555, Messerschmitt P 1107 & 1108, and Junkers EF 132 & 140 are also described. The various atom bombs themselves are thoroughly investigated, from the 1-ton to the massive 30-ton variety. Information about the variety of carrier systems being developed-and in at least one case, actually built-by the Kriegsmarine is also provided. Finally, the author investigates the reasons why Germany ultimately failed to produce the atom bomb.

Appendices provide the most up-to-date research on a variety of topics, including the small number of craft Japan was developing to carry atom bombs, and the Soviet capture of German nuclear research centres in the Baltic region at the end of the war. Throughout, the author is keen to only rely on the most reliable sources, and lays many myths to rest in the process. The result is a truly compelling and groundbreaking work.

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