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The Battle of Kursk 1943

The View Through the Camera Lens


Dictionary of Fortifications

An illustrated glossary of castles, forts, and other defensive works from antiquity to the present day


Armies of Anglo-Saxon England 410–1066

History, Organization and Equipment


The Second World War Illustrated

The Fourth Year


Aircraft of Red Flag

The Ultimate Air-to-Air Combat Exercise


Sukhoi Su-22 Fitter

Aircraft in Detail


British Naval Trawlers and Drifters in Two World Wars

From The John Lambert Collection


Fighting Ships of the U.S. Navy 1883-2019

Volume 2 - Battleships and “New Navy” Monitors


The Rif War

Volume 1 - From Taxdirt to the Disaster of Annual 1909-1921


Pigs, Missiles and the CIA

Volume 1 - From Havana to Miami and Washington, 1961


Red Star Versus Rising Sun

Volume 1 - The Conquest of Manchuria 1931-1938


The Mighty Eighth

A Glimpse of the Men, Missions & Machines of the U.S. Eighth Air Force 1942-1945


Ripe For Rebellion

Insurgency and Covert War in the Congo, 1960-1965


Operation Bagration

The Soviet Destruction of German Army Group Center, 1944


British Aircraft of World War One

A Photographic Guide to Modern Survivors, Replicas, and Reproductions


Early Jet Fighters 1944-1954

The Soviet Union and Europe


Across the Rhine

January–May 1945


The Lafayette Escadrille

A Photo History of the First American Fighter Squadron


Nieuport 1–27

French Fighters Family


U-Boots’ Escape to South America

Secret Of The Gray Wolves


The Napoleonic Wars

As Illustrated by J J Jenkins


Panavia Tornado

Aircraft in Detail


Operation Typhoon

The German Assault on Moscow, 1941


Sepecat Jaguar

Aircraft in Detail