In Presence of My Foes

From Calais to Colditz via the Polish Underground - The Travels and Travails of a POW

Gris Davies-Scourfield

Date Published :
April 2005
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
8 pages B/W images
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This is a wartime escape memoir that ranks with the finest. Seriously wounded and captured at Calais, the author recovered to escape from his POW camp in a load of rubbish. He was on the run thanks to the Polish Underground for nine months and was recaptured within sight of the Swiss border. Interrogation by the Gestapo failed to break him - his greatest fear was that he would betray his friends. Sent to Colditz he again escaped only to be recaptured, due to a minor misspelling on his documents.

About The Author

Gris Davies-Scourfield is an author and historian.

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