Irish Coastal Landings 1922

Ralph A. Riccio

Date Published :
March 2015
Publisher :
Series :
Green Series
Illustration :
b/w photos
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This book is a history of Irish National Army coastal landings, many of which have been previously unreported in histories of the Irish Civil War, that were carried out against Republican forces from July through December 1922. It provides details on each of the landings to include specific landing sites, the ships used to transport the troops, number of troops, armored cars and artillery involved, casualties, major personalities who participated, and objectives achieved. In addition to period photos of the ships, equipment and troops involved, the text is also supported by both vintage and current comparative photographs of most of the landing sites. The book also includes, for the first time ever, superb scale drawings of all of the ships involved in the landings.


"Riccio finds a weakness in the otherwise thorough study of the 1922 Irish Civil War in the coverage of coastal landing, which with rare exceptions are only briefly described or barely mentioned in passing by accounts of battles or personalities. Because of the passing of time and the nature of the conflict, he says, very few primary sources are available, so he has had to flesh out that information with secondary sources. He begins by filling in the military background, covering planning the landings, the role of intelligence, British Naval presence in Ireland during the Civil War, Irish Free State maritime defence issues, and notes on ships involved in the landings. His chronological narrative of the landings is accompanied by photographs and biographical sketches"

- ProtoView

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