Kursk 1943

The Greatest Battle of the Second World War

Roman Toeppel

The Battle of Kursk was one of the greatest battles in history. Based on primary sources, this book provides entirely new insights about the famous battle.
Date Published :
November 2021
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Helion and Company
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Modern Military History
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24 b/w photos, 8 color maps, 1 table
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781912390038
Pages : 184
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ISBN : 9781914059629
Pages : 232
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The Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943 was one of the greatest battles in military history involving more than 3 million soldiers, 10,000 tanks and 8,000 aircraft. While many books have been written on this allegedly most decisive battle of the Second World War, many legends live on, above all because of misleading information that recur in most publications – even in the most recent ones. Based on almost 20 years of research reassessing the primary sources, Roman Toeppel sheds light on the phase of decision-making, the preparations and the development of the battle in an engaging style that grips the reader’s attention from the first page on. The author concentrates on little-known developments and events leading the reader to astonishing results. He also gives entirely new insights into the historiographic appraisal of this battle, putting thoroughly researched facts against erroneous popular beliefs, myths and legends that have been passed down among historians for generations.

About The Author

Roman Toeppel was born in Bautzen, Germany, in 1976. From 1996 to 2001 he studied history and political science at the University of Dresden. He completed his master’s degree with a thesis about the Battle of Kursk. Subsequently, Toeppel received his doctor’s degree for his research on Saxony in the Age of Napoleon that resulted in the publication of his book “The Saxons and Napoleon.” Based on his substantial contribution to the study of the Napoleonic Wars and the Second World War, he was selected to work on the critical edition of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” at the renowned Institute of Contemporary History in Munich. Toeppel is one of the four editors of this award-winning critical edition. Since 2015 Toeppel has been working as a freelance historian in Munich. His main fields of research at present are the Battle of Kursk, the history of the Waffen-SS and Nazi ideology.


"...delivers a sweet, sharp punch to the brain bone, bringing the battle itself into very clear focus while highlighting its important and controversial aspects."

- Stone & Stone Second World War Books

"...exceptional and critical analysis of numerical data from Soviet and German sources explains successes and failures for both sides during the battle."

- Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

"...the author raises important questions about how we should evaluate and collectively remember the series of offensive and defensive operations that took place in the summer of 1943..."

- WWII and Other Book Reviews

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