La Bataille des Trois Frontières

Mai-Juin 1940

Jean-Yves Mary

Date Published :
February 2013
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over 1000 photos, maps, drawings, and figures
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9782840483311
Pages : 352
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French Text

Jean-Yves Mary offers here an excellent companion piece to the encyclopedia of work on the battles of May-June 1940. Mary focuses here on the battles that took place in the Longwy region. He begins with the Longwy stronghold, which was constructed in 1680 by Vauban, and integrated into the Maginot Line in 1920.

Jean-Yves Mary provides us with excellent details on the entire region of the Maginot Line, the work of the “phony war” with the 3rd Light Cavalry Division. Then comes the war, again in this strategic region near Sedan, and the failed cavalry meeting, followed by the battles from 12-14 May on these three lines which came to an end at the stronghold.

Heimdal is pleased to offer this exceptional work accompanied by 55 maps, drawings and figures, along with over a thousand never before seen photos.

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