La Fronde 1648-1653

Pouvoir, argent et trahison

Jean Mongin

Date Published :
December 2013
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9782352503514
Pages : 64
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French Text

1648 ... The Thirty Years War was about to end and we start to see the European balance slowly tip. The great rival of the Bourbon monarchy, Spain, will soon yield to her the place of importance. This conflict weighs heavily on the finances of the French kingdom, and during the years that follow the victory of the young Condé over the Tercios of His Most Catholic Majesty, in Rocroi, have exacerbated a difficult financial situation. The regent, his prime minister and the king's council are firing on all cylinders to increase revenue, which could plunge the kingdom into chaos...

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