La percée du bocage

Volume 2 - 30 juillet - 16 août 1944

Stéphane Jacquet

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November 2017
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ISBN : 9782840484356
Pages : 432
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After the success of Volume 1 of the breakthrough of the Bocage in area XXX British Corps from July 30 to August 15, 1944, the second volume presents, for the first time in such detail, operations of the VIII British corps, over the same period, allowing the English to pierce the German front in the Bocage. On July 28, Monty directed the rapid transfer of divisions of the VIII Corps and XXX Corps in the Caumont sector to launch a simultaneous attach of two bodies. The operation is called ‘Bluecoat’.

Caumont l'Éventé, Sept Vents, Saint Martin des Besaces, the Bény Bocage, Saint Charles Percy, Le Tourneur, Montchamps, Chênedollé, Estry, Vire, Vassy many names that symbolize the bitterness of the battles fought by units VIII British Corps to break through the Bocage during the first fifteen days of August 1944.

British losses during this period are very high against the Tigers and Jagdpanther German elite units enjoying home advantage. The operation area was more hilly and wooded than the bridgehead. The main objectives were a series of hills between Le Beny Bocage and Aunay-sur-Odon toward Vire and Vire-Vassy road.

Building on many photos, maps and mostly unpublished testimonies and on the newspaper market units, the author, the head of the battle of Tilly sur Seulles Museum, presents hour after hour, the fighting in the Bocage.


“Even if your French language skills are not ideal, the huge number of photos, all with English captions, will make this one of the best references you will find on this period of the Normandy campaign.  A perfect companion to volume 1 of course too.”

- Military Model Scene

"Regardless whether one is fluent in French, this is a magnificent treatise on VIII Corps' actions, which contributed greatly to the eventual Allied"

- AirFix Model World

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