Last Blood on Pomerania

Leon Degrelle and the Walloon Waffen SS Volunteers, February-May 1945

Tomasz Borowski

Date Published :
April 2016
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
140 b/w and color photos, maps
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781910294482
Pages : 200
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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The 28th SS Volunteer Grenadier Division ‘Wallonien’, which mostly consisted of French-speaking citizens of the Kingdom of Belgium – first as part of the Wehrmacht, and later in the ranks of the Waffen SS – fought as one of the national legions against the Red Army on the Eastern Front in February 1942. The Walloons gained fame during the legendary resistance in Cherkassy Pocket, where in early 1944 they lost more than fifty percent of their strength. In the summer of the same year they fought a defensive battle in Estonia in the region of Dorpat, and in February 1945 were directed to Western Pomerania, where until the last days of the war they put up a stubborn resistance to the armies of Stalin.

This book, which was originally published in Polish, is based on the unpublished memoirs of participants of these events, and is the first account to describe the Walloons’ participation in the mysterious Pomeranian campaign in such a detailed manner. It tells the tragic story of the Walloon volunteers, who at all costs tried to stop the onrush of the enemy standing at the gates of the Third Reich. The Pomeranian odyssey led by the controversial and infamous Volksführer Leon Degrelle went on for three months, and the trial meant death and courage. Stargard, Altdamm, Neu Rosow – these are locations, that became synonyms for unconditional sacrifice. They are also a symbol of kameradschaft, of a group of tough guys and daredevils, who were determined to stake everything on one throw of the dice.

The book is illustrated with unique photographs, known so far only to a small group of people. These are complemented by a special comic created by the French artist Godus and with images made with great attention to detail, which were produced for historical reconstruction, showing silhouettes of the Walloon soldiers. It is worth noting that some of these were made in the same location where the fighting raged in April 1945.

About The Author

The author of the book has been interested in history practically since childhood and, for many years, has been studying the acts of the foreign volunteer formations of the Waffen-SS - especially Scandinavian, French and Walloon troops - which got involved in bloody battles during the declining period of the Second World War. His fascination arose at a time when he realized how much influence these small, but extremely valiant and brave troops had on the fate of the fronts on which they had to fight. They fought hard - even though the matter for which they shed blood was practically lost - and through contact with many authors and historians, the author has gained access to information previously unknown to wider group archives, both in terms of memoir- and photographic-based material. In his publications, the author tries not to duplicate the well-known facts, but each time to bring closer - and to reveal to his readers - the mysteries and curiosities that are the symbols of the tragic last weeks of the greatest existing armed conflict, which for many, has become a mythical 'Twilight of Gods'. The author writes from a desire to tell stories and believes that reading should, primarily, be a pleasure; if a story proves to be boring, it is better not to show it to the world at all. In his spare time, the author watches criminal movies and good TV dramas, such as 'Millennium', 'Sherlock' and 'True Detective'. Besides that, he likes riding his bike, walking and spending time with his family, as well as enjoying a good glass of fine wine. He is also a cat enthusiast.


“Featuring many lesser known accounts and even rarer period photographs this book will undoubtedly make a welcome addition to anyone looking into the final months of the 28. SS-Freiwilligen-Grenadier-Division „Wallonien”.

- Argunners Magazine

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