Le Pont Des Espions

sous l'uniforme

Patrick Manificat

Date Published :
June 2017
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9782352504702
Pages : 176
Dimensions : 9.84 X 8.26 inches
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French text:

Most famous for being the scene of exchange of spies between East and West during the cold war, popularized by the Steven Spielberg film, 'The Bridge of Spies', the Glienicke bridge, connecting the city of Berlin to Potsdam, still retains an aura of mystery. Indeed, apart from three widely publicized trades, who else has used this discrete passage through the Berlin Wall? Who knows now? "The Bridge of spies in uniform" reveals all the secrets of this now legendary bridge, by members of the allied military liaison "Missions Potsdam," who were the only westerners permitted to cross.

This book is an exclusive testimony, reported by those who have crossed. iIon bridge after a wooden bridge and stone, destroyed during the last war, rebuilt to be bar East Germans, it was integrated into the Berlin wall, guarded by Soviet soldiers and monitored by the dreaded Stasi.

Beyond the narrative of trade that earned it its nickname and history of the bridge, the reader will discover, step by step, incredible means used by the Stasi to closely monitor the "missionaries" and thwart the activities they were leading in East Germany between two crossings of the bridge. It will explore fugitives who tried to cross this barrier to move to the West and will witness the fall of the Wall, the challenge of opening of the bridge and its rebirth. It is through the eye of the needle in the Iron Curtain that uniformed spies sneaked throughout the Cold War to collect their wealth of information on the huge war machine threatening the West.

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