Lebanese Civil War

Volume 1 - The Israeli Invasion, 1982

Tom Cooper, Sérgio Santana

Focusing on military-related developments ‘Lebanese Civil War' dissects military forces, their equipment, intention and capabilities, and their combat operations.
Date Published :
November 2019
Publisher :
Helion and Company
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Middle East@War
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98 b/w photos, 8pp color plates, 7 tables, 5 b/w maps
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781911628200
Pages : 96
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Formerly known as the ‘Switzerland of the Middle East’, an island of economic stability and social progress, Lebanon was shattered by a civil war that raged from 1975 until 1990. Pitting the central government against different factions and alliances of Christians, Sunni and Shi’a Moslems, leftists, and Syrian armed forces, this multifaceted conflict experienced a major escalation when Israel launched an invasion with the aim of destroying the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), in 1982.

Also known as the First Lebanon War, or Operation Peace for Galilee, the Israeli enterprise was run in cooperation with Christian allies and the self-proclaimed Free Lebanon State. Except for attacking the PLO and surrounding its leadership in West Beirut, it provoked a major showdown with Syrian armed forces deployed inside Lebanon, and resulted in a series of bitter battles. Ever since, fighting on the ground and in the sky of the Beka’a Valley is a synonym for modern-day conventional air-land battle in the age of high-technology warfare.

Focusing on military-related developments, and rich in exclusive details and illustrations, ‘Lebanese Civil War: Israeli Invasion, 1982’ is dissecting military forces, their equipment, intention and capabilities, and their combat operations.

About The Author

Tom Cooper is an Austrian aerial warfare analyst and historian. Following a career in worldwide transportation business – during which he established a network of contacts in the Middle East and Africa – he moved into narrow-focus analysis and writing on small, little-known air forces and conflicts, about which he has collected extensive archives. This has resulted in specialization in such Middle Eastern air forces as of those of Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Syria, plus various African and Asian air forces. Except for authoring and co-authoring more than 30 books - including about a dozen of titles for Helion’s @War series - and over 1000 articles, Cooper is a regular correspondent for multiple defense-related publications.

Sergio Santana is a Brazilian working as a military aviation and defence researcher since 2005. He holds a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical sciences and has penned and presented multiple research papers to congresses and seminars in his country. In addition to publishing dozens of articles, he also authored a book about military variants of the Embraer EMB.145 jet. More recently, he has specialised in research on intelligence, surveillance, and target acquisition aircraft, as well as little-known aspects of major armed conflicts.


"Helion’s War Series has produced yet another quality monograph. As readers have come to expect of this publisher’s works, this one is flush with excellent illustrations, maps, orders of battle, technical data for aircraft and armor, and photographs that nicely complement the narrative."

- Air Power History

"A worthy addition to the bookshelf if you are interested in the conflicts that defined the Middle East."


"If this is your initial entry into this series, you will be quite pleased."


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