Les Forces Blindes Hongroises

Durant la Second Guerre mondiale

Eduardo Manuel Gil Martínez

Les actions des forces blindées allemandes pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale sont bien connues du public, notamment en raison des nombreux ouvrages qui y ont été consacrés. Celles des forces blindées de leurs pays alliés sont, en revanche, bien moins connues.
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October 2021
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ISBN : 9782840485803
Pages : 160
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The actions of Germany’s armor during World War II are well documented and thus well known. Those of Germany’s Axis allies are rather less so. Hungarian Armor in the Second World War gives an account the role of the Hungarian armored forces which, over the course of the world conflict, managed to constitute an armored corps powerful enough to exercise a decisive role on the front although it was destined to face one of the most terrible adversaries of its time, the Russian Red Army.

Hungary not only succeeded in organizing its armored troops for the start of World War II with the support of Germany, but its military industry was also able to produce different types of vehicles and weapons for its own troops. Indeed, Hungary’s very diverse industry succeeded in developing a whole local range of armored vehicles which, in some cases, showed exceptional performance in combat until the end of the conflict.

All the models from this country are presented: the Toldi, the various Turan ... Over the pages, the author highlights the participation of Hungary in the Second World War thanks to a multitude of pictures provided by real experts in the material, as well as the role of the Hungarian armored forces, from Operation “Barbarossa” to the fighting in Ukraine two years later, then during the subsequent retreat to the Hungarian lands of the Carpathians, the defense of Budapest and the last clashes Hungarian armored vehicles in Austria or Slovenia, just before the unconditional surrender of Germany.

This book also describes the terrible fate experienced by the Hungarian armored troops after the Soviet invasion of Hungary, many of whose soldiers and officers were sent to Soviet concentration camps for several years.

About The Author

Eduardo Manuel Gil Martínez has been interested in history for many years, particularly the Second World War. Determined to write about the little known stories, he is the author of several books including 'Breslau 1945: El último bastión del Reich', 'Fuerzas acorazadas húngaras 1939-45', 'The Spanish in the SS and Wehrmacht.1944-45', 'The Bulgarian Air Force in World War II', 'Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana 1943-45' and 'Romanian Armored Forces in World War II'.


"...good for wargamers seeking painting schemes and battles and dioramists for recreating photos in model form."

- Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

"Despite being only in French, this volume is absolutely chock full of fascinating pictures, supplemented with some useful artwork, and sheds much light on a relatively little-known subject."


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