Les Fortifications De 3e Reich

Robert Jurga

Date Published :
July 2018
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
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French text:

After the assumption of the power by Adolf Hitler in 1933, the Reichstag rejected certain 1935 measures of the treaty of Versailles, so canceling limitations concerning fortifications in Germany. Thus was born the idea a vast national program of fortifications, based on modern technologies. While previously their design dated from the Great War - and intended to guarantee the security of the borders of Reich.

Up to 1937, twenty six lines of fortifiaction were set up along the French, Czech and Polish borders reaching 3,500 kilometers long. In the second half of the thirties, Germans decided to build their own Maginot line: Siegfried line. This one, as well as the Wall of Pomerania, the lines of the Oder and LVZ-West was then widened. Thousands of bunkers were constructed without documentation, it was extremely difficult to determine the function and the purpose of each. The reader will discover in great detail more than 100 models of fortifications in this work. Each is presented with a detailed 3D plan and annotated.

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