Liberty Roads

The American Logistics in France and Germany, 1944-45

Nicolas Aubin

Date Published :
July 2014
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9782352503200
Pages : 134
Dimensions : 12 X 9 inches
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The Red Ball Express is the nickname given by the Americans to the supply route established between the landing beaches and the frontline, first in the Cotentin in Normandy and then throughout France.

While awaiting final repairs to the rail network, the road was the only way to supply the 28 Allied divisions each in need of 750 tons of supplies each day, for a total of 12,500 tons daily.

The book describes accurately all the logistical means implemented by the U.S. Army Liberty ships to the railway through the floating ports and GMC trucks.

This book is the first substantial book devoted to American logistical effort during the Second World War, offering detailed descriptions of logistical methods, tactics, techniques ...


"Highly illustrated throughout with a multitude of archive photos, maps and tables of data this makes an excellent reference on the whole logistics arrangements used in NW Europe, by road, rail, and towards the end, by air. For modelers there are dozens of photos which will give ideas for dioramas and detailing of trucks and loads. For the historian it gives a much deeper look at the huge logistical issues faced by the Allied armies during the period and for anyone interested in transport generally, some good lessons to be learned about management of a supply chain. This is certainly on my 'Recommended' list."

- Military Modelling

“This superb new 224-page hardback book from well known French publishers Histoire & Collections deals with a subject that has fascinated military historians and vehicle owners for many decades – the Red Ball Express…This superb book is crammed full of period black and white photos and numerous rare colour photos too. The book discusses the logistics behind such an epic undertaking, looking at the men and machines behind legend and as such is a must for any vehicle enthusiast or historian interested in this period of the war or indeed the vehicles involved”

- Military Machines International

"Aubin investigates the logistical efforts that went into planning and executing the building and maintenance of the supply infrastructure supporting the U.S. advance through France and Germany necessary to achieve victory in the Second World War. He covers the key players, key events, and results of this effort through richly illustrated chapters devoted to a wide variety of interconnected subjects. The author is a history teacher in Normandy, France."

- ProtoView

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