Light Tanks and Heavily Armed Combat Vehicles

Recognition Handbook

Youri Obraztsov

Date Published :
January 2014
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
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ISBN : 9782352503569
Pages : 118
Dimensions : 10 X 8.25 inches
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Light tanks and heavily armed combat vehicles are part of the Armored Fighting Vehicle family. These armored vehicles, widespread throughout the world, can accomplish a number of different missions. They are simple in their utilization and are extremely polyvalent. This book regroups, for the first time, all light tanks and heavy weapons vehicles, with chains or wheels, from the world over and their many modernizations and modifications along with the technical characteristics of each and every model.

Enriched with more than 350 photos, clear and methodic, it reveals the history of each vehicle along with precise dates and a time-table showing when they were put into service. Dimensions are indicated in a practical and visual manner. This handbook allows the precise identification of a light tank and a heavily armed combat vehicle, from an image, even partial. A series of four tests will allow you to evaluate your current level and improve your knowledge on the matter. Regrouping all these qualities, this manual is an indispensable tool for the armed forces and everyone that has a passion for armored vehicles and military history.

This book was realized by a specialist in the field of identification in collaboration with manufacturers and armed forces. It is the fourth volume in a series of books on military material, the first volumes of which are entitled "Main Battle Tanks", "Infantry Fighting Vehicles", and "Wheeled 8x8 Armored Fighting Vehicles".

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