Luftwaffe versus USAAF 8th Air Force

Volume 1

Marek Murawski

Date Published :
July 2013
Publisher :
Series :
Air Battles
Illustration :
109 photos, 8 examples of camouflage schemes
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9788362878604
Pages : 80
Dimensions : 11 X 8 inches
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Luftwaffe versus USAAF 8th Air Force vol. I - Another remarkable book in Air Battles series gives its readers exceptional chance to follow the history of relentless combat fought between Luftwaffe and USAF in the skies over Europe. The story begins with the first Flying Fortresses air raid against targets in France on August 17, 1942 and continues till the last day of April 1943. Precise air clashes descriptions complemented by pilots' personal stories are one of the unique features of this book which also includes 109 archival photos and 8 color profiles of described aircrafts.

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