Major Rudolf Witzig le Vainqueur d’Eben-Emael

Fallschirmjäger sur tous les fronts

Franz Kurowski

Date Published :
February 2013
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140 illustrations
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9782840483359
Pages : 80
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French Text

This book presents the history of the famous Major Witzig, born on August 14, 1916, aspiring officer on April 1, 1935, head of the engineering section of the Fallschirm-Infantry Battalion in August 1938, with which he captured Fort Eben-Emael at dawn on May 10, 1940, capturing 1,200 soldiers with his 55 paratroopers. Awarded the Knight's Cross, he jumped in Crete where he was seriously injured. Afterwards, he commanded a battalion of paratroopers in Tunisia and on the Eastern Front. He was attributed the oak leaf cluster. After the war, he became a colonel in the Bundeswehr.


In addition to the story of the man and the actions he was involved in, along with the period photo coverage, the author has also included a lot of modern day photos of Luftwaffe and Fallschirmjager uniforms and equipment , making excellent use of preserved examples. The result is therefore a boon to modellers who will have some first class colour references if you want to get the colours right for the uniforms and equipment on a model figure.While my French is by no means fluent, I was able to read this well enough to understand it, while also enjoying the photo references as well. As for Major Witzig, he survived the war and went on to be a Colonel in the Bundeswehr until his retirement in 1974. He passed away in Bavaria in October 2001, aged 85.

- Military, January 2014

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