Master Bombers: 1942-1945

The Experiences of a Pathfinder Squadron at War

Sean Feast

Date Published :
July 2008
Publisher :
Grub Street Publishing
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16 pages of photos on art paper
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The Pathfinders were the corps d'elite of Bomber Command, the command that led the fight against Germany even before the fall of France. Pathfinder crews consisted of members who had flown a minimum of 45 operational sorties and while they were the best, they were made from all ranks and backgrounds.

The Master Bomber was the aircraft in charge of the whole attack. They would transmit instructions over VHF radio to the main force telling them what colored markers to ignore and what to bomb.

Master Bombers is a comprehensive and detailed exploration of the key figures involved in Pathfinder operations throughout World War Two.

About The Author

Sean Feast specializes in military history.


"…well documented and engaging, and the warm and easy prose intersperses first-person narrative with amplifying explanations and detail.”

- Air Power History, December 2009

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