Meine Ehre Heisßt Treue:

Inside the Allgemeine SS 1925 - 1945

Date Published :
February 2012
Publisher :
Andrea Press
Illustration :
over 1900 photographs
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ISBN : 9788496658332
Pages : 380
Dimensions : 11.75 X 8.25 inches
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Meine Ehre Heisßt Treue explores the iconic artifacts, uniforms and insignia which underpinned the concept and philosophy behind Hitler's Third Reich in general, and Himmler's Allgemeine-SS in particular. Formed in 1925 as a personal protection unit for Adolf Hitler, while under the control of Himmler (1929-1945), the Allgemeine-SS grew from a small paramilitary group to one of the most powerful, complex organizations in the Third Reich.

Today the Allgemeine-SS is equally enigmatic; as the vehicle by which Himmler proposed to implement his thesis to create a ‘Center of the New World'; its structure, and psychology remains little-understood. Authored by leading militaria specialists Ulric of England, Meine Ehre Heisßt Treue extends deep inside the Allgemeine-SS to reveal an unsurpassed creativity and philosophy. From the iconic, black SS uniform designed by Prof. Karl Diebitsch, graphic designer Walter Heck (and manufacturer Hugo Boss), to the applied arts, for example the ‘first born' mother's brooch and Allach porcelain flower vase, this authoritative book, presents the most distinguished Allgemeine-SS collection to date.

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