Messerschmitt Bf-109 T

The Luftwaffe's Naval Fighter

Marek Murawski

Date Published :
January 2010
Publisher :
Series :
Air Battles
Illustration :
59 b/w Photos , 6 Sheets, 10 Profiles
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• Free masking foil and decal sheets for modelers
• Lists of scores, pilot reports and portraits, color profile artworks and maps

Lavishly illustrated, this book covers the combat history of the Messerschmitt Bf 109T. The Messerschmitt Bf 109 was a German World War II fighter aircraft designed by Willy Messerschmitt in the early 1930s. It was one of the first true modern fighters of the era. Having gone through its baptism of fire in the Spanish Civil War, the Bf 109 was still in service at the dawn of the jet age at the end of World War II.

In the fall of 1938, the Technische Amt RLM (Technical Office of the Reichsluftfahrtministerium or State Ministry of Aviation) requested that Messerschmitt's Augsburg design bureau draw up plans for a carrier-borne version of the Bf 109E fighter, to be designated Bf 109T (the "T" standing for Träger or Carrier). The resulting aircraft were nicknamed 'Toni' by their pilots.

Content includes carrier Graf Zeppelin and her aircraft; operational service, including its new role over the North Sea and comes with free masking foil and decals.

About the Series
Air Battles is a series of books focusing on World War II air battles of specific aircraft and units. Each volume contains information on the planes involved, lists of scores, pilot reports and portraits, color profile artwork and maps.


”In this book on this most interesting aircraft, the author goes through the entire process of choosing the aircraft and the various prototypes that were developed to test carrier capabilities. Then it goes into the production of the 109T and its wide and varied history with the Luftwaffe. Pretty much every sortie that resulted in either victory or loss is covered in this book. Nicely illustrated with period photos, there are also large color views of some of the planes and a number of pages of excellent plans of both prototype and production aircraft. In short, everything one would want to know about the naval 109.”

- Modeling Madness , September 2013

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