Jean-Claude Laparra

Date Published :
November 2008
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Histoire and Collections
Series :
La Grande Guerre
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9782352500483
Pages : 64
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This book shows the daily life of the simple German infantry soldier of 1914 - 1918, through the eyes of "Michel", an archetype of the German soldier, a national personification of the German people, a symbol of national unity.

Here is his life, his immediate material surroundings, his joys, his troubles, the way he expressed himself, how he got his food, his relations with his superiors, his training; moving up to the front, life on the front line and the rear of the front; fighting, transferring to the assault troops, being looked after in hospital, the way uniforms and equipment changed as the war progressed.

The context of the period is also particularly well evoked thanks to extracts from popular songs in vogue at the time among the troops, and a multitude of anecdotes and information which make this book a quite innovative in its coverage. This study is particularly enhanced by numerous illustrations which highlight each of the aspects that are dealt with in the text.

Jean-Claude LAPARRA, General (2e S) is a Doctor of History at the University of Paris I --Panthéon-Sorbonne («Matériels de circonstances et fabrications de guerre dans l'armée allemande 1914-1918 », his thesis presented in 1996 under the supervision of Dean Guy Pedrocini), a specialist of the First World War and in particular the German Army; he is the author or co-author of ten books and more than forty articles published in different magazines or bulletins. He tries especially to present the German front as well as the rear, and to give an idea of what "was going on on the other side". His latest work "Sacrifié pour Verdun. Bezonvaux" was awarded the "Georges Sadler" literary prize in January 2007 by the Académie Stanislas in Nancy. A member of the Académie Nationale de Metz as well as of the Comité Scientifique du Mémorial de Verdun" (Fleury-devant-Douaumont), he is also the administrator and member of several historical associations.

Pascal Hesse is the co-author of three books and the editor of several articles. He is a specialist of the organization of German units. He frequently takes part in work dealing with history and memoirs. As such he has been associated with research intended to discover the remains of Alain-Fournier.

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