MiG-29 "Kościuszko Squadron" Commemorative Schemes

Robert Gretzyngier, Wojtek Matusiak

Date Published :
November 2016
Publisher :
Contributor(s) :
Marek Radomski
Series :
Polish Wings
Illustration :
color photoscolor Profiles
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The next book in the popular Polish Wings series is on the famous MiG-29 in Polish Air Forces. Covers "Kościuszko Squadron" Commemorative Schemes in the deepest detail. Book was written by the authors’ of the original schemes.

Polish legendary pilots have been honored; Feric, Pisarek, Krasnodebski, Urbanowicz, Zumbach, and Merian Cooper.

More than 200 color photos, mostly unpublished, and many color profiles.

About The Author

Robert Gretzyngier has for years studied Polish involvement in the air defence of the British Isles in WWII. He lives and works in Warsaw.

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