Mirage 2000N

Hervé Beaumont

Date Published :
November 2011
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
Series :
Les Materiels de l'Armee de l'Air
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9782352502081
Pages : 112
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French Text

The Mirage 2000N program was launched in 1978 to accomplish intercept missions and medium-range air to surface nuclear attacks in order to eventually replace the Mirage IVP which was terminated in 1990.

Based on the Mirage 2000B, it is equipped with a weapons system organized around an Antelope radar system, enabling automatic navigation and field monitoring, all while maintaining its in-flight auto-defense capabilities.

While the first models were only capable of carrying nuclear missiles, beginning with the 2000N-K2, the aircraft is now able to undertake conventional ground attack missions, with a large array of traditional bombs. The line of Mirage 2000N aircraft are a key element at the very heart of the French Strategic Air Command.

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