Mirage 2000N

Hervé Beaumont

Date Published :
November 2011
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Histoire and Collections
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Les Matériels de l'Armée de l'Air
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ISBN : 9782352502081
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French Text

The Mirage 2000N program was launched in 1978 to accomplish intercept missions and medium-range air to surface nuclear attacks in order to eventually replace the Mirage IVP which was terminated in 1990.

Based on the Mirage 2000B, it is equipped with a weapons system organized around an Antelope radar system, enabling automatic navigation and field monitoring, all while maintaining its in-flight auto-defense capabilities.

While the first models were only capable of carrying nuclear missiles, beginning with the 2000N-K2, the aircraft is now able to undertake conventional ground attack missions, with a large array of traditional bombs. The line of Mirage 2000N aircraft are a key element at the very heart of the French Strategic Air Command.

About The Author

Hervé Beaumont, is the undisputed expert on Dassault aircraft, author of numerous books on the Mirage III and Mirage IV.

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