Mitsubishi A5M Claude

Dariusz Paduch

The result of years of experimentation by the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Mitsubishi A6M Reisen is perhaps the best known Japanese World War II fighter type.
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July 2021
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132 archival photos, 10 color profiles
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Pages : 76
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The mid-1930s saw the ever increasing numbers of fast monoplane fighters entering service with many of the world’s air forces. This was not the case in naval aviation, where biplane designs still reigned supreme. One exception to the rule was the French Navy with its aircraft carrier Bearn and embarked Dewoitine D.371T1 fighters in parasol configuration, hardly a promising design for carrier-based aircraft. Prevalence of biplanes among naval fighters of the time was due to very strict limitations on landing speeds imposed by small flight decks of contemporary aircraft carriers. It was in the middle of that decade, in 1935, that the Mitsubishi A5M entered the stage – a low-wing, monoplane carrier-based fighter, which set new standards for aircraft of its class. Having said that, the Claude wasn’t the first fighter in this configuration designed for the Imperial Japanese Navy .


"​Highly recommended."

- AMPS Indianapolis

"...full of development, technical, and combat information to warm the heart of an aviation buff or wargamer. You can pull a variety of scenarios from these pages against the whole hodgepodge lodge of aircraft the Chinese (and Soviets) flew against the Japanese."

- Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

"I can recommend it to anyone building a model of this aircraft and to those interested in the A5M and Japanese pre-war and WWII era aircraft."


"Kagero books have always provided a nice selection of full color profiles and this one is no exception."

- ModelingMadness.Com

"Another fine addition to the Kagero series of monographs, and covering a subject that I knew little about beforehand, so an interesting read."

- Military Model Scene

"...will undoubtedly be an asset to those choosing to model this nifty little monoplane fighter, a product from an earlier era in aviation that saw its own sunset long before the end of hostilities."

- Large Scale Planes

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