Monte Cassino

Opening the Road to Rome

Richard Doherty

Date Published :
September 2018
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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32 black and white illustrations
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ISBN : 9781526703293
Pages : 464
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One of the bloodiest European battles of the Second World War was that from January to June 1944 for the Gustav Line, anchored on Monte Cassino, famous for its Benedictine Abbey. Better known as the Battle of Cassino, the campaign only ended when Rome was liberated. With General Sir Harold Alexander in overall command, the Allied Army Group in Italy, consisted of Fifth (US) and Eighth (British) Armies. Both were truly multinational with some 20 allies nations involved. The book recognizes the contributions of all elements and flags up the inevitable national tensions and rivalries exacerbated by restrictions of terrain and weather. Allied commanders, using ingenuity, highly effective artillery and sophisticated close air support, finally triumphed over their formidable German adversaries. Cassino: January-June 1944 examines the campaign from the political/strategic levels to the tactical, using official records, accounts from commanders and participants, including interviews. The Author has conducted many battlefield studies and written extensively on the War in Italy.

About The Author

Richard Doherty is recognised as Ireland’s leading military history author with 18 published works to his credit. Those in print with Pen and Sword include The Thin Green Line – The History of the RUC GC, In the Ranks of Death, Helmand Mission, British Armoured Divisions and Their Commanders, He has also worked on TV historical series including The Sons of Ulster and The Siege Chronicles and is in demand as a speaker and lecturer. He lives in County Londonderry.

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