Napoleon’s Campaign In Poland 1806-1807

From Stalemate to Victory: The Battles of Eylau, Heilsberg and Friedland

F. Lorraine Petre

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May 2016
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Frontline Books
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Napoleonic Library
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ISBN : 9781848328471
Pages : 256
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After Napoleon’s humiliation of Prussia, on the battlefield at Jena, the French Emperor turned his attention to subduing his Russian foe and marched into Poland in the winter of 1806. Six months later, the Russians had been beaten and brought to the peace table and Napoleon was at the height of his powers.

In his detailed study of this remarkable episode of Napoleonic history, F. Loraine Petre follows every move of the campaign. He assesses the defeat of Prussia, analyses the strengths and weaknesses of both Napoleon’s army and that of his Russian opponents, details the bloody battle of Eylau and describes Napoleon’s crushing victory over the Russians at Friedland.

F. Loraine Petre’s campaign studies are renowned for their scope, detail and clarity, and Napoleon's Campaign in Poland, is a brilliant overview of Napoleon’s vaunted army confronting some of its most worthy opponents at a time when Napoleon dominated Europe.


"This work details all aspects and phases of Napoleon’s defeat of Russian forces in Poland. It gives background on events leading to the campaign against Russia and provides details on the leaders and provisions of the French and Russian armies. The book describes the physical environment, climate, and weather during the period, then chronicles the various campaigns. B&w historical illustrations and maps are included. The book was first published in 1901 by Sampson Low; it was the first of author Petre’s five studies on the Napoleonic period to be published. It was later published in a revised edition in 1907, 1989, and 2001. This reprint is complete and unabridged from the Greenhill Books edition of 2001."

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