Narrative of the Eventful Life of Thomas Jackson

Militiaman and Coldstream Sergeant, 1803-15

Thomas Jackson

Jackson's memoir provides a unique and colourful account of his experiences both at home and on campaign as a militiaman, Coldstreamer and Chelsea pensioner.
Date Published :
February 2018
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Contributor(s) :
Eamonn O'Keeffe
Series :
From Reason to Revolution
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13 b/w ills, 12 b/w maps
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781912390120
Pages : 134
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Thomas Jackson’s autobiography provides a colorful account of his experiences as a militiaman, Coldstreamer, and Chelsea pensioner.

Son of a Walsall bucklemaker, Jackson joined the Staffordshire Militia aged 17 and spent a decade on home service, much of it passed at Windsor Castle and Weymouth guarding King George III. As a sergeant in the Coldstream Guards, he served in Sir Thomas Graham’s 1813-14 campaign in the Netherlands and was wounded and captured during the storming of Bergen-op-Zoom. Jackson provides a harrowing account of this failed assault, the ensuing amputation of his right leg, and his subsequent yearlong convalescence. While many military memoirs end with news of peace or discharge, Jackson also chronicles his postwar life as a Chelsea pensioner and war amputee, describing his struggles raising a family amidst economic turmoil and cholera outbreaks.

Jackson provides a fresh and often critical perspective on service in the ranks. Embittered by the loss of his leg, he laments the plight of army veterans, doomed by an ungrateful nation to lives of ‘pinching poverty’. His memoir also does not shrink from graphically describing the horrors of combat. Indeed, Neil Ramsey, author of a recent comprehensive study of military memoirs, wrote that Jackson’s story deserved ‘far wider attention as one of the most harrowing accounts of war’s miseries to be written in the nineteenth century’.

Yet despite the clear merits of his testimony, Jackson’s Narrative has never been reissued since its initial publication. Enhanced with additional research and commentary by historian Eamonn O’Keeffe, this new edition makes Jackson’s lively and invaluable autobiography publicly available for the first time in 170 years.

About The Author

Thomas Jackson (1785/6-1859) joined the Staffordshire Militia in 1803 and transferred to the Coldstream Guards in 1812. He lost his right leg at Bergen-op-Zoom in 1814 and was discharged with a Chelsea pension. Jackson returned to Walsall, his hometown, and later worked as a coal merchant’s clerk, schoolteacher and plater.

Eamonn O’Keeffe recently completed a degree in history at Merton College, Oxford. His research on British Napoleonic-era military music, courts-martial, and soldiers’ memoirs has been published in Canadian Military History and the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research. He served as Drum-Major of the Fort York Guard until 2016, leading a fife and drum corps at Canada’s best-preserved War of 1812 historic site.


“Read Jackson's narrative and you cannot fail to agree: honour the memory of the Walsall soldier by giving generously to those charities that support the young men who have lost limbs in more recent wars.”

- Miniature Wargames

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