Nieuport 1-27

Tomasz J. Kowalski

Date Published :
January 2010
Publisher :
Series :
Famous Airplanes
Illustration :
54 b/w Photos, 8 profiles
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• A wealth of information for any aviation enthusiast
• Includes full color painting schemes and a sheet of decals

The Nieuport 27 was a French biplane fighter aircraft during World War I designed by Gustave Delage. The model 27 was the last of the line of Nieuport "V-strut" single seat fighters stemming from the Bébé of early 1916.

This book, written in bilingual Polish/English text and complete with 36 pages printed on high quality glossy paper, richly illustrated with photographs, presents the development history and operational record of the Nieuport 1-27.

Full color painting schemes and a sheet of decals are also included.

About the Series
Famous Airplanes focuses on the great aircraft of history and their combat history, featuring color profiles and photographs of the premier planes from a particular unit, theater or service. With detailed development history, profiles of the men who flew them and strategic and tactical analysis, these books provide a wealth of information for any aviation enthusiast.

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