Omar Al-Bashir and Africa’s Longest War

Paul Moorcraft

Date Published :
July 2015
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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16 pages of black and white illustrations
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ISBN : 9781473828230
Pages : 256
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President Omar al-Bashir is Africa’s and arguably Arabia’s most controversial leader. In power since 1989, he is the first sitting head of state to be issued with an arrest warrant, for war crimes, by International Criminal Court.

He has been a central personality in Islamic and African politics, as well as a love-to-hate figure for the US in the ‘war on terror’.

For military history readers, Al-Bashir is a field marshal who has fought possibly the world’s longest conflict. Modern Sudan has been embroiled in war since 1955.

No proper biography has been written on him before. Nor has there been a comprehensive military history of Sudan. The book briefly covers the military background until independence. Then it dissects the long north-south civil war until Bashir’s Islamist military coup in 1989. Thereafter it narrates the wars in the east, south, west (in Darfur), International political and military intervention is also factored in.

The author draws on in-depth one-on-one interviews with Bashir himself and his family and close political, military and intelligence colleagues.

About The Author

Professor Paul Moorcraft has frontline experience reporting on over 40 years, literally from A-Z, Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, as a war correspondent for print, radio and TV. The former Sandhurst instructor has also served as an officer in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. He was Visiting Professor at Cardiff University and is currently Director of the Centre for Foreign Policy Analysis, London. His published works in print with Pen and Sword Books include Axis of Evil (2005), The Rhodesian War (2011),Mugabe’s War Machine (2011), The Total Destruction of the Tamil Tigers (2012), Omar al-Bashir and Africa’s Longest War (2015), The Jihadist Threat (2015) ─ shortlisted for the British Army Military History Book of the Year, 2016 and Saving The West. He is also an award-winning novelist, and an author of works on crime, and mathematics. He lives near Guildford, Surrey

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