Pacific Adversaries: Imperial Japanese Navy vs. The Allies

Volume 2 - New Guinea & the Solomons 1942-1944

Michael Claringbould

Pacific Adversaries conveys detailed stories of aerial warfare in the South Pacific, chosen because both Japanese and Allied records can be matched for an accurate accounting. This second volume describes confrontations between the air arm of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) and the Allies in New Guinea and the Solomons.
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May 2020
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Avonmore Books
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fully illustrated in color
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9780648665908
Pages : 108
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This Volume Two of Pacific Adversaries conveys detailed stories of aerial warfare in the South Pacific, chosen because both Japanese and Allied records can be matched for an accurate accounting. Often the actual outcomes are very different to the exaggerated claims made by both sides upon which many traditional histories have relied to date. Further, for each of the chosen stories photographic or other evidence enables an accurate depiction of the aircraft involved.

Through these chosen snapshots, Pacific Adversaries will portray the South Pacific conflict as accurately as possible. This second volume focuses exclusively on confrontations with the Japanese Navy Air Force (JNAF) in New Guinea and the Solomons, known to the Japanese as the “South Seas”.

The JNAF first appeared in the South Pacific in December 1941 and was at the vanguard of offensive efforts during the course of 1942. Following the bloody Guadalcanal campaign, the JNAF fought a largely defensive war in New Guinea and the Solomons against increasingly powerful Allied forces. Perhaps surprisingly, right through to the end of 1943 the JNAF offered significant resistance to the Allies and never ceded air superiority in the vicinity of its key base of Rabaul. Only in 1944, when units were withdrawn to the Central Pacific and the Philippines, was the JNAF presence in the South Pacific finally wound down to just a token force.

Never before have detailed accounts matched up adversaries so closely and in doing so shine light on key events in Pacific skies so many years ago.

About The Author

Raised in Port Moresby, Michael Claringbould is a globally recognized expert on the New Guinea air war and Japanese aviation in particular.


About the Author

Chapter 1 First South Pacific Night Fighters
Chapter 2 POW Misinformation
Chapter 3 The Bold Hudson
Chapter 4 Mystery Milne Bay Airman
Chapter 5 Returning the Flag
Chapter 6 Murakami’s Empire
Chapter 7 Beheaded in the Jungle
Chapter 8 An Expensive Convoy
Chapter 9 Lone Betty 355 Downed
Chapter 10 Horita’s Bad Luck
Chapter 11 Revenge over the Bismarck Sea
Chapter 12 Survivor’s Tale
Chapter 13 What Happened to Betty 377?
Chapter 14 Bloody Tuesday
Chapter 15 Betrayed

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"The book is lavishly illustrated with period photos, some in color, as well as several from more recent expeditions to find and/or recover aircraft relics in the swamps and jungles of the New Guinea and the Solomon Island battlefields."


"It is a different way to tell a story and one that I found quite enjoyable. I know you will as well. This book is highly recommended."

- ModelingMadness.Com

"If you enjoy the detailed historical evidence presented in the form of a well written murder mystery you should read this book and marvel that such detail could be found in the diaries and combat records of the opposing air forces."


"Fast action. Well written. Details for tabletop scenarios."

- Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

‘’An engrossing read and one which portrays hope, fear, desperation and even revenge, in the struggle to overcome a determined enemy and the elements, both of which cook a heavy coll on friend and foe alike.’’

- Classic Wings

"Clear maps and period photos support the text; while some of the latter portray the crews and airframes involved, particularly machines damaged to prevent enemy intelligence efforts, many depict just the aircraft type in the theatre around the time of the event."

- Airfix

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