Panzerjäger 38 (t)

Hetzer & G13

Stefan Draminksi, Mike Koenig, Hubert Michalski, Mariusz Motyka

Date Published :
November 2014
Publisher :
Series :
Photosniper 3D
Illustration :
archive photos, color profiles
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9788364596131
Pages : 80
Dimensions : 11 X 8 inches
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80 pages of archive photos, color profiles on matte coated paper.

About The Author

At the age of fifteen, inspired by a TV program “The Sea”, Mariusz Motyka took interest in building cardboard models of warships. Suddenly, ten years had passed and the passion for cardboard models evolved into creation of 3D graphics. Mariusz’s other interests include audio equipment and cycling, which he pursues as an amateur road racer. He is a happily married father of two.


"... a really good start, we just wait to see what other goodies will be included in volume 2.... a good value reference"

- Military Modelling

“The crowning glory of this work is in the last pages which give us computer generated isometric cutaways and internal views in a very large format which makes it ideal for the researcher and detail obsessed modeller!”

- Scale Military Modeller International

"The color profiles provided are all wartime renditions and can really aid the modeler as a good resource for attempting to replicate these paint and camouflage schemes... a very good quality book and a great value for the money that should be in the reference library of Hetzer enthusiasts everywhere. This book is Highly Recommended for all armor fans everywhere."

- Armor Modeling and Preservation Society

"As per previous Photosniper books, this one starts with a technical description and potted history of the Panzerjager. By way of improvement, this volume also includes 1/48th scale drawings and isometric views to aid visualisation of the subject in it's various versions. In addition to the 'gun' tank, the book includes variants such as the 105mm howitzer, SiG 33/2 auf Jagdpanzer 38 and the Flammpanzer 38. Even the post-war G13 is covered. Some details such as the remote MG mount are drawn in 1/16th.

These are followed by a set of color walk around shots of an example that resides at Clarksville Indiana. As well as general external views, there are internal views and details covered. The big plus of this work are computer generated isometric cutaways and internal views in a very large format which makes it ideal for the researcher and rivet counting model-maker. As these views are in color, this will make completion of the interior of your model a piece of cake!"

- Tankette

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