Pebble Island

The Falklands War 1982

Jon Cooksey, Francis Mackay

* Daring SAS raid of the Falklands War

* Authors have had unique access to SAS archives to produce this book

* 35th Anniversary of Falklands Conflict.

* High quality colour campaign and action maps
Date Published :
June 2017
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Series :
Elite Forces Operations Series
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ISBN : 9781473892958
Pages : 128
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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This is the story of the SAS raid on Pebble Island during the Falklands War.

In atrocious weather, 48 men of 22 SAS Regiment were landed by Sea King Helicopter on the Island. Their task was to destroy the 11 enemy aircraft located at the Airstrip on the Island and neutralize the Argentinean force posted there to guard it.

The raid was successful and all the Aircraft were destroyed but debate still goes on as to whether the raid was a political gesture to give the British Public some action or whether it was to knock out the Airbase that could have made life difficult for the landings at San Carlos Bay later in the War.

The book covers sections on: history of the engagement, training and planning involved, equipment used, weapons file, breakdown of forces engaged, consequences and controversies as well as personal accounts of those involved.

About The Author

JON COOKSEY is a leading military historian who takes a special interest in the history of the world wars and the Falklands War. He is the former editor of Battlefields Review and the current editor of Stand To!, and his articles have appeared in many of the foremost military magazines and in national newspapers. As an experienced battlefield guide, he regularly leads tours to the battlefields of both world wars as well as the Falkland Islands. His TV and radio appearances include the Channel 5 programme on the 1914 Christmas Truce and and Great War soldier Ronald Poulton Palmer and Gallipoli Victoria Cross winner Frederick Potts for the BBC. His books include The Barnsley Pals, Flanders 1915, Calais: A Fight to the Finish and 3 Para Mount Longdon – The Bloodiest Battle.

Francis Mackay has previously written Asiago in the Battleground series. He lives in Scotland


"The work is profusely illustrated. 136 images between photographs, drawings, maps, planes, profiles of armament and aeronautical profiles, compose the pictorial section. Great documentary work. "

- José Manuél Rico Cortés, Miniaturas JM

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