Picton’s Division at Waterloo

Philip Haythornthwaite

* Detailed, graphic account of the Fifth Division of Wellington's army at Waterloo

* Vivid portrayal of Sir Thomas Picton and his subordinate commanders

* Insight into the organization and operation of a division during the Napoleonic Wars

* Based on army records and eyewitness testimony

* Published to mark the 200th anniversary of the defeat o
Date Published :
May 2016
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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In the two hundred years since the Battle of Waterloo countless studies examining almost every aspect of this momentous event have been published – narratives of the campaign, graphic accounts of key stages in the fighting or of the role played by a regiment or by an individual who was there - an eyewitness. But what has not been written is an in-depth study of a division, one of the larger formations that made up the armies on that decisive battlefield, and that is exactly the purpose of Philip Haythornthwaite’s original and highly readable new book. He concentrates on the famous Fifth Division, commanded by Sir Thomas Picton, which was a key element in Wellington’s Reserve. The experiences of this division form a microcosm of those of the entire army. Vividly, using a range of firsthand accounts, the author describes the actions of the officers and men throughout this short, intense campaign, in particular their involvement the fighting at Quatre Bras and at Waterloo itself.

About The Author

Philip Haythornthwaite is one of the most distinguished and prolific writers on the military history of the Napoleonic era. He has long been established as an authority on the major battles of the time, in particular those fought in the Iberian peninsula, and he has made a special study of the armies and the soldiers who confronted each other across Europe during 15 years of almost continuous warfare. His many previous books include: The Peninsular War: The Complete Companion to the Iberian Campaigns 1807-14; The Armies of Wellington; Waterloo Men: The Experience of Battle, 16-18 June 1815; Die Hard! Famous Napoleonic Battles; The Napoleonic Source Book; Who Was Who in the Napoleonic Wars; Wellington's Army: The Uniforms of the British Soldier 1812-1815 and Waterloo Armies.


"This accessible account for general readers and history buffs describes the actions of the Fifth Division, commanded by Sir Thomas Picton, in the Battle of Waterloo. The book gives details on how Picton’s Division was organized, its leadership, and logistical issues such as supplies. There is special focus on the division’s actions at Quatre Bras and at Waterloo. The book relies on first-person accounts and includes b&w historical illustrations"

- ProtoView

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