Pike and Shotte

Steve Morgan

Date Published :
June 2012
Publisher :
Warlord Games
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ISBN : 9780956358165
Pages : 196
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Pike & Shotte is Warlord Games' third rulebook publication. It is a beautiful book in its own right with hundreds of color photo of the most exquisitely painted model soldiers taken from the world's foremost collections. The rule book's intention is to inspire a collector to play gentlemanly games with their collections of soldiers with friends where the emphasis is on the spirit of the period, not the letter of the rule. It is a hearty publication and not for nitpickers or miseries. There are some good gags in it, but it also plays well and enables players to conduct a very big battle in a reasonable period of time, leaving them more time to chat about the highs and lows and what ifs...

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