Poland and NATO

Poland and NATO

Evan McGilvray

A political and historic study of the recent failure of the expansion of democracy across the world and the arrogance of the ruling classes and capitalist classes as they tried to use democracy as a tyranny.
Date Published :
November 2020
Publisher :
Helion and Company
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781913336127
Pages : 192
Dimensions : 9.2 X 6.1 inches
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This book is a re-examination of work carried out in 1999 as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic were about to become members of NATO. At the time the author considered that none of these countries, especially Poland, were not genuinely democratic and merely paid lip-service to the idea to access western institutions. This had proved to be the case regarding Hungary and Poland. The author was somewhat baffled when Poland became a member of the EU as he knew the country well and the reality is that it did not sit well with what most westerners considered to be democracy. If communism in Poland was like fitting a saddle to a cow; the same was with democracy in Poland.

The author returned to his original work and saw that the clues for the failing of democracy in Poland were already there in 1999 and saw that western states, especially in the UK under the administration of Tony Blair, were convinced that western style democracy was a cure for all ill and that was the only way forward while rather ignoring the fact that in his own country the two party system can hardly be called democratic as can be seen since 2016. Therefore by looking at the international situation within and without Europe; the author had pointed to how the west, principally the USA and the UK, have tried to enforce democracy on an unwilling world and had largely wrecked the ideals of that system through a lack of understanding while acting with complete disregard for those who they see as being slightly less than them and treating people with contempt and with little pity.

About The Author

Evan McGilvray has written several books on Polish military history for Helion and is writing a book about Poland, NATO and the failure of democracy in Poland since joining the European Union.

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