Portés disparus

"Philippe Béraud, Claude Raoul-DuvalDestins croisés 1940-1943"

Patrick Collet

Date Published :
December 2014
Publisher :
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French Text

April 1943. The war in Europe is at its turning point. Everyday above northern France air combat succeeds, fierce and deadly. Just engaged, the fighter group "Alsace" loses its first two pilots. Shot down at the same time, in the same battle, by the same man. The first, Claude Raoul-Duval, miraculously survived and spent six months in the Resistance, where he lived an incredible adventure before reappearing in London and taking control of a Spitfire. He became one of the last eighteen Companions of the Liberation.

The second, Philippe Beraud, disappeared. His family found him after long five years, buried anonymously in Le Havre. Through his letters it was discovered how extraordinary his life was, first serving in the Royal Air Force, and then within a squadron, Hunting Free France. This is the poignant story of two destinies. Tribute and testimony.

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