Postwar Artillery


Michael E. Haskew

Date Published :
April 2011
Publisher :
Amber Books
Series :
The Essential Weapons Identification Guide
Illustration :
200 artworks and 40 photographs
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The Essential Weapons Identification Guide: Postwar Artillery 1945–present offers an highly-illustrated guide to the world's main artillery units and their weapons used since the end of World War II. This compact volume includes sample unit structures and orders of battle from divisional to corps and army level, providing an organizational context for key wars fought since 1945.

Organized chronologically, the book is a comprehensive survey of units and their artillery weapons by war, including Korea, Vietnam, the Arab–Israeli conflicts, Indo-Pakistan wars, the cold war in Europe, the Yugoslav civil war, the Iraq wars and Afghanistan. All the major guns, missiles and mortar types are featured, with both towed and self-propelled artillery, for example, as well as anti-tank, anti-aircraft and other infantry support weapons.

Less conventional forms of artillery are also included, including tactical and strategic missile systems, all combining to make this a rounded compendium of modern artillery weapons as used by the world’s armed forces. Packed with more than 200 full-color artworks and photographs with exhaustive specifications, The Essential Weapons Identification Guide: Postwar Artillery 1945–present is a key reference guide for military modelers and artillery enthusiasts.