Quand Palerme et Naples était français…

Arnaud des Roches de Chassay

Date Published :
May 2012
Publisher :
Editions Charles Herissey
Illustration :
8 color pages
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ISBN : 9782914417402
Pages : 172
Dimensions : 9.5 X 6 inches
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French Text

Arnaud des Roches de Chassay chronicles the period beginning in 1030 with Tancrede d'Hauteville, arriving from Normandy. It is one of his descendants who will be king of Sicily and sultan of Palermo! The French presence will end with the Battle of Pavia and yet even after that, the dream of Italy will languish until Murat… de Chassay describes in excellent detail this period which is dotted with military, political and religious twists. Preface by Gonzague Saint-Bris.

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