RAF Special Duties

Unique Missions of the Second World War

Colin Pateman

Date Published :
February 2015
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
Illustration :
111 black and white photographs
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During the Second World War, the RAF employed Special Duties pilots and aircrew on operations across a wide range of extraordinary flying. In many instances, selected and trained crews flew specific sorties, seeking out small targets of utmost importance to the war effort. Rare and previously unexplained duties that incorporate 'siren raids' into Germany and the maintaining of radio contact with agents in occupied France provide accounts that have rarely been evidenced. Some of these operations were filmed by cameramen and RAF Special Duties includes an account, revealed by one such pilot who accompanied the de Havilland Mosquitos which attacked the Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen. In many instances, 'flying logbooks' and official documentation support this exceptionally well-researched book, which includes accounts from Radar Counter Measures, Tactical Reconnaissance, 'Special Window Forces' and encompasses aircraft diversely spread between heavy bombers to the light aircraft engaged in spotting targets in Italy.

About The Author

Colin Pateman lives in the South of England having spent his working life as a Police Officer, retiring after 32 years’ service. His key roles were as a handler of specialist search dogs, a Home Office qualified instructor and later trained by the Royal Engineers to qualify as a Police Search Advisor. Colin is an avid collector of aviation memorabilia and gains great satisfaction from gathering and preserving personal accounts of pilots and aircrews of the Second World War. His other aviation related publications by Fonthill include ‘Goldfish Caterpillars and Guinea pigs’, ‘Unwanted Hero’, ‘Unshackled Spirit’ and ‘Glorious in Solitude’.

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