Raid de Dieppe

Berneval, Pourville,Puys, Varengeville, (19 août 1942)

Nicolas Bucourt, Hervé Fihue, Frederick Jeanne, Mathieu Masson

Date Published :
February 2013
Publisher :
Illustration :
more than 400 photographs with 80 unpublished
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French Text

The first attempt at landing in Normandy ended in a bloody failure. The authors go back over this operation with 80 unpublished German photos taken after the raid, adding to the important iconographic documentation with pictures and photos of equipment found there.


"Another of the marvellous books from the French publisher Heimdal, this time covering the failed raid on Dieppe in 1942...While this is published in French language, the large volume of period photos will attract many modellers and historians ...The photo content is about the best I have ever seen all in one book about the Dieppe raid, and I reckon even if your French is not great for the text, then this will still be good for anyone interested in the story and history of the Dieppe Raid.

- Military Modelling

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